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Born to a Kurdish family, she knew carpet weaving by early in her childhood.  Speaking and writing Persian came only much later.  Those she met in the capital noticed her cheerful spirit and resilience.

Reported executions

81 January 2015
81 This year (2015)
804 Last year (2014)
891 In 2013
574 In 2012
684 In 2011
818 In 2010

From the library

When I finished high school, I took the university entrance exam, and I obtained a good ranking. Because of my family’s background, however, I was not admitted [to the university].

INTERRUPTED LIVES: Portraits of Student Repression in Iran

"Interrupted Lives" is a traveling exhibit that tells the story of Iranian students who have been punished for expressing their beliefs. Thousands have been victims of politically motivated arrests or executions during the past three decades.

Working towards peaceful transition in Iran
by documenting human rights abuses and promoting democratic values

Omid Memorial

Home to thousands of executed victims of all ages and all walks of life.
What you do matters.
Don’t let those whose lives were cut short be forgotten. If you know of a victim click here ❯