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Reverend Tatavous Michaelian chaired the Council of Protestant Ministers in 1994. It was a time of extraordinary pressure on Christian clergy.

Reported executions

62 August 2016
331 This year (2016)
1052 Last year (2015)
964 In 2014
913 In 2013
579 In 2012
695 In 2011

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A startlingly candid internal report lists shocking violations of due process by Iranian judges, and paints a picture of arbitrary and unqualified judiciary. The picture is even more disturbing when one remembers that these judges hold extraordinary power to punish and execute Iranian citizens with impunity.

INTERRUPTED LIVES: Portraits of Student Repression in Iran

"Interrupted Lives" is a traveling exhibit that tells the story of Iranian students who have been punished for expressing their beliefs. Thousands have been victims of politically motivated arrests or executions during the past three decades.

Working towards peaceful transition in Iran
by documenting human rights abuses and promoting democratic values

Omid Memorial

Home to thousands of executed victims of all ages and all walks of life.
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