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One Person’s Story

Abdorrahman Borumand


Age: 65
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam (Shi'a)
Civil Status: Married


Date of Killing: April 18, 1991
Location of Killing: Paris, France
Mode of Killing: Stabbing
Charges: Corruption on earth

About this Case

The information about the extrajudicial killing of Mr. Abdorrahman Borumand was obtained through an interview with one of his children. Dr. Borumand was an opponent to the Islamic Republic of Iran and a pro-democracy advocate. His assassination took place three months before the assassination of Dr. Shapur Bakhtiar, the leader of the National Movement of the Iranian Resistance, the political organization of which the victim was a leading member. In an interview with the family of Mr. Borumand, on April 7, 1993, Judge. Bruguière, the French magistrate in charge of the investigation, asserted that the cases of Bakhtiar and Borumand were inextricably connected. In the trial of Bakhtiar’s murderers in December 1994, the prosecuting attorney, Mouton, attributed the assassination of Dr. Borumand to the state sponsored terrorism of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He asserted that this murder along with Bakhtiar’s assassination aimed at neutralizing the National Movement for the Iranian Resistance.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has denied any involvement in Mr. Borumand assassination.

Arrest and detention

The victim was not arrested.


The victim was not summoned before a court and no public trial was held in his case. It is not known whether he was tried in abstentia.


The official Kayhan newspaper, reporting on Dr. Borumand's assassination, specified that he was a "corruptor on earth".

Evidence of guilt

No evidence of guilt was provided by the perpetrators of this assassination


Mr. Borumand was not given the opportunity to defend himself before being killed.


Mr. Borumand is believed to be a victim of extra-judicial execution. The judgment, if any, was not public. He was stabbed to death in the early afternoon of April 18th, 1991. He died shortly after the attack.

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