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Arak: Flogging and Six Public Executions for Man Convicted of Homicide

Azar Esfandiyari
Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) - Translation by ABF
March 7, 2017
Newspaper article

Man Who Killed Six Arak Residents Sentenced to Six Public Qesas Executions

ARAK – A man who killed six Arak residents has been condemned to six public qesas executions by Markazi Province Criminal Court 1 on Tuesday.

The Criminal Court judge further elaborated matters in a pre-trial interview with IRNA: “Abbas Sahara’i is the murderer who committed the heinous armed massacre of members of two Arak families the morning of January 11 of this year. Through the efforts of the security forces, he was identified and brought to justice.”

Judge Mohammad Reza Rahmati added that “In the public trial of those who committed these murders, Sahara’i - the first-degree suspect in the case - was sentenced to six public qesas executions in Ali ibn Abitaleb township for the crime of committing six counts of homicide.”

“This murderer was further sentenced to seven years of degree five ta’zir imprisonment for bearing and keeping a Kalashnikov firearm and ammunition. He also received one year of degree five ta’zir imprisonment and 74 lashes for the offense of disturbing public order,” the judge continued.

The Criminal Court One judge further stated that “Reza Sahara’i, the second-degree suspect, was convicted as an accomplice in the six murders, the purchase and keeping of a Kalashnikov firearm and ammunition, and for encouraging the first-degree suspect to commit the murders. He was sentenced to 55 years of ta’zir imprisonment and two years of forced residency in Izeh county (Khuzestan province.)”

According to Rahmati, the defendants may appeal the decision within the next twenty days.

On the morning of January 11, 2017, the 27-year-old young man, seeking revenge, took the lives of six Arak residents with a firearm in two rounds [of shooting.] He was apprehended through the efforts of security agents within 14 hours and turned over to judicial authorities.

[ABF note: Abbas Sahara'i was put to death the morning of April 12, 2017.]