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Flogging Prior to Execution in Kerman

Iranian Students' News Agency - Translation by ABF
April 10, 2017
Newspaper article

Deputy of Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office for Central Kerman Province: Rapist Hanged in Kerman

The deputy of the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office of central Kerman province broke news of the execution of a rapist, “V.F.”, in the city of Kerman. “A number of offenses were recorded in this individual's file, including rape, acts incompatible with chastity, aggravated robbery, and forcible entry” added the official.

According to ISNA reporting from the Kavir area, Deputy Amineh Salar further elaborated details of the case accordingly: “The named individual is 32 years of age, possesses a criminal record, and was charged with committing two counts of rape, three counts of acts incompatible with chastity, two counts of aggravated robbery, and seven counts of forcible entry into citizens’ homes.”

Amineh continued: “After the arrest of the suspect, a rapid and exceptional investigation of the case was taken up by the Kerman judicial system in light of security and the sensitivity of the issue and in line with protecting the rights of those affected by the crime and soothing their pain.” The deputy of the Central Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office of central Kerman noted that all the convicted man’s crimes had taken place in the Kerman county jurisdiction. He explained that following Kerman Province Criminal Court One’s handing down the verdict of flogging, incarceration, and execution and its confirmation by the Supreme Court, the condemned was hanged this morning in Kerman Central Prison. The judiciary authority stressed that “The judicial system’s approach in dealing with violent crime and disruptions to citizens’ peace and security is to hasten investigation of these sorts of cases and to fully carry out laws and criminal punishments, with zero tolerance [for offenders.]”