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One Person’s Story

Sa'id Heidari


Age: 21
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Single


Date of Killing: April 10, 2000
Location of Killing: Qasr Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Murder

About this Case

News of the execution of Mr. Sa’id Heidari, along with four others, was published in the Hamshahri newspaper on April 11, 2000. The Ettela’at newspaper published the news of his arrest and conviction on January 19 and November 28, 1999.

According to these reports, Mr. Heidari worked as a marketing agent. Following a phone conversation with one of a man, he went to his house and talked to him. When he noticed that the man and his wife live there alone and seemed that they had a good financial situation, he was tempted to rob them. On January 16, 1999, at noon, he entered the couple’s house to rob them, pretending to deliver a postal package. Since the house owner recognized him,  he murdered the couple by stabbing  with a knife.

Arrest and Detention

According to the Ettela’at newspaper, Mr. Heidari was identified and arrested while driving the victims’  car on a street in Qods Town. The circumstances of his arrest and detention are not known.  


Branch 1602 of the Tehran Criminal Court, presided Judge Javad Esma’ili, tried this case. No further information is available on Mr. Heidari’s trial.


The charges against Mr. Heidari were announced as, "murder and robbery.”  

Evidence of Guilt

The evidence provided against Mr. Heidari was his confession and a statement by a witness who had spoken with the female victim. During a phone conversation, the latter told the witness that the house bell rang, and a postal package was waiting for her.”


No information is available on Mr. Heidari's defense.    


The court condemned Mr. Sa’id Heidari to two counts of Qesas (death penalty) for murder, plus two years’ imprisonment and 74 lashes for robbery. Branch 26 of the Supreme Court confirmed the ruling. He was hanged in Qasr Prison on April 10, 2000.


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