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One Person’s Story

Mohammad Taqi Amini


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Unknown
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: October 23, 2000
Location of Killing: Evin Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Economic offenses

About this Case

News of the prosecution and execution of Mr. Mohammadtaqi Amini, along with two others, was published in the Jomhuri-Eslami newspaper on October 24, 2000, the Kayhan newspaper on March 1, 1997, and the Iran newspaper on July 24, 2001. 

Arrest and Detention 

According to the Kayhan newspaper, following the recovery of two shipments with forged documents at Mehrabad Airport, necessary orders were issued to security forces located at the airport to watch for suspects. Then, the main members of a gang consisting of smugglers of rugs and goods, some bank employees, and rug experts at Mehrabad Custom including Mohammadtaqi Amini were identified and arrested.  There is no specific information on Mr. Amini’s arrest and detention. 


According to the Kayhan newspaper, Branch 180 of the Tehran Public Court located at Mehrabad Airport investigated this case on March 1, 1997.   


According to the Jomhuri-Eslami newspaper, the charges against Mr. Mohammadtaqi Amini were announced as "disrupting export rules by cheating on the prices of export goods, bribery, and acts incompatible with chastity including adultery, illegitimate relationship, defloration, and other social corruptions." 

According to the Kayhan newspaper, part the charges against defendants were collectively described as, “suspicious connection with some international Zionist elements and traveling to Europe several times where those elements hosted the defendants and intended to hurt the holy regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Confronting the regime was consciously done in order to be effective. This is a clear case of corruption on Earth.”    

Evidence of Guilt 

According to the Kayhan newspaper, “defendants were rug assessors at Mehrabad custom. They worked with smugglers and some rug exporters to coordinate and approve their false claims in custom statements indicating exquisite rugs as Gabbeh or low value rugs. They received bribe in each instance and divided half-and-half between smugglers and custom assessors. Then, they [defendants] shared their illegitimate profit equally and purchased realty and goods by it for their primary and secondary relative. In addition, a substantial number of guaranteed checks, cash, gold coins, and exquisite rugs were recovered. In some instances, the defendants received 4 million Rials bribe monthly that they divided among themselves.” The report continues: “In addition to false money statements, three forged statements and contract for $360K, $390K, and $600K, two items were about to leave the country, have been recovered.”    


No information is available on Mr. Mohammadtaqi Amini's defense. The Kayhan newspaper only wrote: “the defendants defended during the trial session.”    


The court condemned Mr. Mohammadtaqi Amini to death and receiving lashes. The Supreme Court confirmed the ruling. He was hanged at Evin prison on October 23, 2000.           

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