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Official Documents

Verdict in the Case of Mohammad Riazat

‌Mehdi Zaynali, head of Branch Four Revolutionary Court of Karaj County
Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
October 9, 2018
Official document

The Judiciary Branch


Court Decision Number: 9709972664400871

Date Drafted: 17/07/1397 (October 9, 2018)

Case Number: 9709982653100531

Branch Archive Number: 970351


Alborz Province Judiciary


City of Karaj Revolutionary Court, Branch Four

Court Decision


Case Number 9709982653100531, before the City of Karaj Revolutionary Court, Branch Four, Final Court Decision Number 9709972664400871.

Defendant: Mr. Mohammad Riazat.

Charges: 1. Insulting the Supreme Leader (May he live long) and the late Imam (God’s Grace be upon him);


The City of Karaj Revolutionary Court, Branch Four is in session on October 8, 2018, examining case number 970351.

The Court hereby declares the close of the proceedings, and asking for God Almighty’s guidance and assistance, relying on honor and conscience, issues its Decision as follows:

Court Decision

Regarding the charges of “Propaganda Activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and “Insulting the Supreme Leader and the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, against Mr. Mohammad Riazat, child of Heshmatollah, born in 1978-79;

The Court,

Having taken into consideration the Alborz Province Information [General Administration’s] report; the arrest of the Defendant; pictures of the pages containing materials and photographs regarding the Defendant’s propaganda activities on social media pages of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where the Defendant has produced film, video clips and has re-published the same in enemy media; Defendant’s participation in riots and illegal gatherings, and encouraging others to do the same; the indictment issued in this case; the examination of Defendant’s admissions, defense, and invalid and unjustifiable reasoning in which he attributes the reason for these activities to difficulties in securing his livelihood and to demands that he has of government officials; his norm-breaking actions and his backing of the wretched and pitiful supporters of the evil and hated Pahlavi Dynasty; and other evidence and documentation contained in the case file;

Finds that the charges have been duly proven beyond a doubt, and pursuant to Articles 500, and 514 of the [Islamic Penal Code’] Law of Ta’zirat and Preventive Punishments of 1996, observing Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code of 2013, sentences the Defendant to two years in prison on the charge of Insulting the Supreme Leader and the Founder of the Islamic Republic, and to one year in prison on the charge of Propaganda Activities against the Islamic Republic.

This ruling is issued in the presence of the Defendant and can be appealed to the Alborz Province Courts of Appeal within 20 days of service hereof.


Presiding Judge, Karaj Islamic Revolutionary Court, Branch Four

Mehdi Zaynali