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The Judiciary

The Iranian Judiciary: A Complex and Dysfunctional System

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
November 30, 2015

Today IHRDC has released its latest report entitled The Iranian Judiciary: A Complex and Dysfunctional System. The Iranian Judiciary has been one of the most effective tools at the disposal of the clerical establishment to impose its will on the political and social discourse in post-revolutionary Iran. From executing or imprisoning political dissidents to banning newspapers, the Iranian Judiciary has been at the forefront of political and social battles in the Islamic Republic.  Meanwhile, building a judicial system based on Shari’a law over a pre-existing secular structure has resulted in the creation of a very complex judicial branch.In this report, IHRDC examines the complex structure of the Iranian Judiciary in detail, explaining the authority and function of various organs and sub-sets within this system. Providing a detailed explanation of the ways in which the Iranian Judiciary curtails or fails to protect basic rights, this report serves as a useful guide for those who seek an in-depth understanding of how the judicial system works in the Islamic Republic of Iran.